How To Assemble Your Own Toolbox

You have made the leap from renting a home to owning your own.  It’s a great feeling to know that you are paying your own mortgage and not renting therefore paying someone else’s.  However with owning a home comes responsibility.  When something broke or needed repair before you simply called your landlord or property management company and requested a repair service come out.  Now however, you are responsible for any and all repairs needed around your home.  To fix things you need the right tools. That is why it is essential for every homeowner to create a toolbox filled with all of the necessary tools!  I have compiled a list of the 10 basic tools that will save you in time of repair and make life a whole lot easier.

  • Clawhammer- Most versatile hammer with it’s ability to extract bent or mis placed nails from walls.  A 16 inch handle with a weight of 1 pound is the best size claw hammer to  buy.
  • Screwdriver- Not only does it do the obvious but it can also help to pry lids of paint cans and open child proof battery compartments. A flat head and a phillips in various sizes is most recommended.
  • Adjustable Wrench- An adjustable crescent wrench is the wrench of all wrenches because it basically acts as multiple wrenches in 1!
  • Tape Measure- It goes without saying a tape measure may be one of the handiest things to have around the house!
  • Level- Hanging pictures and making them level is a tough job to accomplish just by eye sight.  Not to mention nobody wants extra nail holes in their walls from making mistakes.  A level with help you to hang your pictures and other wall hangings perfectly on the first try.
  • Utility Knife- Basically the tool box workhorse.  It can even sharpen a pencil!
  • Flashlight- Can be used in case of a power outage or other emergencies.  Also great for when it’s dark and something needs to be fixed outside.
  • Electric Drill- Many of us get buy with borrowing or renting one in time of need.  However a cordless drill is definitely a necessity in the household toolbox. Trust me it makes things soo  much easier.
  • Hacksaw- This thing can cut through wood or even plastic or metal piping!
  • Pliers- locking adjustable pliers with a size of 5-10W is the best route to go when purchasing these.

Many of these tools can be slowly acquired  as needed when first starting out as a homeowner. You will find though that at one time or another each of these tools listed will be needed and having a set of your own tools will be one of the best purchases you have ever made!