Protecting Your Home Through Your Garage!

We all probably think of garage door maintenance as having a professional come out and make sure that everything is working properly.  From the garage door opening sensors to the drums and other springs and things.  What most of us may not have ever stopped to think about though is how to take preventative measures to ensure you and your families safety from break ins that are often attributed with access through your garage.  What exactly am I talking about?  Every year thieves are able to gain access into homes via the garage door.  Especially in the months leading up to the holidays when many people have Christmas trees with gifts around them. For thieves this is the gold mine time and they will go to all levels to gain access to homes and leave with stolen belongings.

So how does your garage door actually take part in thieves entering your home when the door is down and you have the opener in your car?   After reading a very interesting article on, It was found that when garage door openers are left in your car in plain view, many thieves who happen to be scavenging around your neighborhood will break into your car and get the garage door opener.  They then proceed to open the garage door and gain access into your home through the door that most time leads into your kitchen.  Many people do not lock the door leading into their homes from their garage with the thought that if the door is down you’re safe from outside harm.  Thus it is recommended that if you keep your garage door opener inside you car, like most of us do, that you hide the remote from plain view.  It is further recommended that you invest in a keychain remote that will thus stay with your keys and you at all times.

Another way thieves gain access to your garage is through garage windows. Those of us that have windows in our garages may never stop and think about a thief actually breaking one or finding another way to open the window to get inside. However, if you should have windows in your garage it is suggested that you not only keep them locked at all times but also frost them. Yes, frosting your garage windows helps to prevent thieves from seeing into your garage and the valuabled that you may have in there. If a thief can not see what there is to offer they are more likely to pass up the risk of breakingbin to nothing of value or nothing really at all.

You can also prevent breakin’s through your garage by installing an alarm and/or montion sensing lights. An alaram alerts you once a thief tries to gain access to the garage so they will genarlly never make it farther than that thus never getting inside your actual home. Montion sensor lights also aid in doing the same. Should a theif be poking around the outside of your garage trying to find a way inside motion sesning lights will literally shine some light on the situation. Instead of being concealed in the dark they are now exposed and will most likely leave your property before they get themselves caught!