Recoup Your Money On the RIGHT Home Improvements

When adding value to your home there are a list of do’s and don’ts pertaining to home improvement projects that can be done.  For example replacing your front door with a new steel door is low on cost yet can add great curb appeal.  You will also on average get a 129 percent return on the cost of the door and installation when selling your home.  On the other hand adding a new bathroom can be costly and and you will only receive about 60 percent back on the total cost when selling your home.  Why is this? Because plumbing electrical work, fixtures and installation are just a few of the tasks costly tasks that come with a bathroom addition.  Although a new bathroom is always nice if you are planning on selling your home in the near future safe the money and the time it won’t do much in increasing the value of your home once all costs are said and done.

On the other hand adding a new Kool Deck to your patio and pool area is a great way to increase your homes value as well as add great  curb appeal.. Everyone wants a nice backyard and those in the housing market that have children will agree a heat proof deck is ideal for little feet.  So what exactly is a Kool deck? Kool decks are a special concrete overlay that literally weathers all weather.  From the scorching sun to the blistering cold it is a special polymer cement overlay that protects concrete while allowing it to breathe.  It also looks natural and is great for just about any hardscape.  The guys at New Kool Deck And More LLC are awesome at installation and have great prices. Adding this type of kool deck to your hardscapes increases the value of your home and also is great when entertaining in your backyard.

Another not so cost efficient home improvement is adding a sunroom.  Although it sounds nice and they are great to relax in or maybe even add a little space it does nothing for the value of your home.. In fact you stand to lose 49 percent of the money you put into adding it when selling your home.  What people are looking for in this day and age and in addition will add value to the selling price as well as help you recoup your money spent is a universal mother in law sweet.  The name says it all! Not so keen on a mother in law sweet? Even adding a nursery as an addition will help you to recover your money over a sunroom.  As a matter of fact a sun room addition usually runs about $73,000 on average.  You could do a couple other more valuable home improvement projects for that cost and come out on top.

As with any home improvement project it’s always good to weigh out the pros and cons before hand as well as establish why you are ,making the improvement.  If it has to do with upping your homes value before placing it on the market make sure you are making cost efficient and worthy improvements or you might find yourself in the hole!