The Benefits of Paint Color

In one of my last posts we talked about how windows can add value and class to your home both inside and out.  However what about paint color?  Did you know the color you decide to paint both the exterior and interior of your home can either gain you more profit in resale value or lessen the value you of your home as well?  After a study was conducted to see which colors brought a higher selling value as well as deprecated the value the verdict is in.  Fresh natural colors and shades of blue and pale gray tend to make homes feel and appear larger when painting your interior walls these colors.  These neutral colors also tend to make it easier for potential home buyers to envision themselves living in the home!  Light blue in both kitchens and bathrooms help offset white cabinets and countertops and therefore increase your homes value as well. What about yellow? Think Marigold or light sunflower yellow.  These colors will actually depreciate your homes value by $890 below the average selling price!  Same goes for brown wether it be taupe, light brown or medium brown painting your house this color will lower your home by an average of $1970 below market price.

The good new is painting your house colors of light blue to soft gray will increase your homes value by an average of $1,809 above market price.  While a gray brown color will increase it by $1526 above average selling price.

Who knew the color of our homes were such a powerful tool to attract homebuyers?  In general it is always good to research upgrades that may be done to your home to increase it’s value before putting it on the market.  Simple little touches of color choices can go along way when selling your home.